Divorce without Destruction - A fair process and a peaceful parting for you and your family.

In compliance with Pennsylvania family law;
In harmony with the whole person experiencing divorce.

Director: Robin L. Zucker, M.Div
Professional Coach and Counselor
Parenting Coordinator, Educator, and Mediator

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At Divorce Without Destruction™, we specialize in:

Stop the Destruction and Start Rebuilding! We can help you.
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Divorce doesn’t have to be an expensive and exhausting war.

Although divorce will always be painful, it doesn’t have to be an uncivil war. At Divorce without Destruction™ (DWD) we are compassionate and competent professionals who believe that divorce can be a manageable, constructive and affordable win-win experience.

With a unique toolbox of techniques and practices, we provide an integrated package of services to fulfill your legal, emotional and financial needs, in a careful, but time-sensitive manner.

Divorce doesn’t have to shut you down or dehumanize you.

We believe you are more than your possessions. Our strength lies in our holistic approach, which addresses the needs, values, and issues of the whole person (mind, body, heart, and spirit) experiencing a life transition as significant, complex and painful as divorce.

By drawing on resources ranging from concrete planning tools (such as parenting plans and budgets) to inner growth practices (such as positive psychology and guided relaxation), we’ll help you grow personally through your divorce, while attending to your important practical needs and goals.

Divorce doesn’t have to destroy you or your children.

We see ourselves as healers of conflict. Our mission is to help you successfully understand and resolve both the personal and material aspects of your divorce so that you can achieve a fair settlement and a peaceful parting for yourself and your family.

Experts agree that when you allow yourself to experience your divorce on all levels, you become stronger, clearer, and better equipped to confidently handle the stress and decision-making of the divorce process, rebuild your life, and thrive beyond your divorce.

Our integrated and thoughtful approach empowers you to:

Stop the Destruction and Start Rebuilding! We can help you. Call or email us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.
(412) 727-6870 • flowingforce@verizon.net

Contact DWD Director, Robin Zucker, MDiv. for a free phone or Skype consultation to share your divorce journey, and to learn more about how we can empower you to choose a Divorce without Destruction™, move forward, and rebuild your life on a solid foundation of security, clarity, and harmony.

Call or email us today. (412) 727-6870 • flowingforce@verizon.net.

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